Do you want to express your support for the effort that our teachers are putting into making the massive adjustment this school year? Then you may be interested in our Encouraging-A-Teacher Program. 

Anyone is welcome to join and support the Encouraging-a-Teacher Program at Cedar Ridge Elementary. Those that want to sign up, must call the elementary school office at 870-201-2577 to get you registered for this wonderful program. We ask that you make contact with your assigned teacher at least once every nine weeks. This does not need to be a large investment on your part. Your act of encouragement could be a note, a prayer, special treat or soda. A small snack could be a wonderful gift to get when you have skipped lunch for the 3rd time in a week.

We just want teachers to feel encouraged, appreciated, and supported by their local community. If you could think back to when you were in school, we can all remember that one teacher that made us feel special. Teachers have always went above and beyond, and today's teachers are feeling the stress from many different factors.

During this pandemic, our teachers have stepped up to the challenge and are working even harder to make a difference in our students' lives whether that is learning in the building or at home. They deserve our love and support now more than ever. Please share this information with family and friends.