A letter from the Superintendent
October 6, 2020
Dear Parents and/or Guardians,
In order to better serve our students and families, the Cedar Ridge School District is planning on utilizing virtual Fridays for the remainder of the first semester, beginning October 9, 2020.  The current Monday through Thursday schedule will remain in place, but virtual Fridays will look different for our students.  
Virtual Friday is a normal school day with a combination of students working on-site and students working virtually from home. Buses and cafeteria will run a normal schedule each Friday. The purpose of virtual Friday is to assist on-site and blended students with missing assignments and/or enrichment activities; therefore, parents and/or guardians have the option to send their children to school or keep them at home.  Students that choose virtual instruction on Fridays will not be counted absent.  
All students are welcome to attend on Fridays, blended or face to face learners. If your children are caught up with all assignments, we welcome them to still attend.  In order to make improvement, students with failing grades are highly encouraged to attend on Fridays.
This procedure will be closely monitored and evaluated for the second semester.  Our goal is to do what is in the best interest of our students.    

Thank you, 
Dr. Sherry McMasters