Your child will need to login to their Google Classroom account to access the AMI assignments from their teachers.

Grades 6‐12 will not receive grade specific or day specific packets. Students in grades 6‐ 12 will obtain their work for AMI days from Google Classroom. Please click the name of your child's teacher for AMI work.  If you have questions, please contact your teacher or principal.

Barnes, Bridgette
Crow, Jodi
Lindsey, Tasha
Branscum, Elizabeth
Dallas, Samantha
McMasters, Emily
Brock, Joshua
Hudgeons, Ashley
Paarman, Cindy
Butcher, Rachael
Hudgeons, Maison
Runyan, Macey
Cash, Bryce
Jennings, Rhea
Starkey, Spencer
Cash, Holly
Kalchik, Meradith
Talley, Millicent
Cockrill, Colby
Light, Katie
Willett, Jabeth