a letter from the superintendent

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August 18, 2021 

Dear Parents, Guardians and Cedar Ridge Community, 

The decision to mask or not was made with the health and safety of our students and staff in mind. I realize there is a great deal of debate and differing opinions among community members as to whether the masks are beneficial; however, it is our responsibility to try to keep our students and staff safe and in school. With that being said, I want to provide you with information about the Cedar Ridge School District “Mask Advisory” COVID-19 Precautions Policy which was approved during the August 17, 2021 regular board meeting. 

Each Friday I will utilize achi.net/covid19 to determine the following week’s mask status; beginning Friday,  August 20, 2021. When the Cedar Ridge School District (CRSD) is in RED or PURPLE, PreK-12 staff and K-12  students will be required to wear a mask indoors. (“The school-district infection numbers reported by ACHI  refer to infections among community residents living within the geographical boundaries of the school districts  and are not specific to school employees and students,” https://achi.net/number-of-arkansas-school-districts- with-50-plus-covid-19-infections-per-10k-residents-grows-from-100-to-140/.) If the CRSD is any other color,  masks may be optional or recommended for staff, students and visitors. 

At all levels of risk, outside visitors will be limited, hand washing and sanitizing will be emphasized, barriers will  be utilized, COVID daily screening and physical distancing will be practiced, and thorough disinfecting of all  facilities and transportation will take place. 

When required, masks will be worn at all CRSD indoor venues including transportation on buses and vans.  Athletics, activities and music practice and competition are exempt from indoor masking: rigorous exercise in  PE or recess are exempt from indoor masking. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we work to keep our staff and students in  school and on campus. Notification of mask requirements for the following week will be pushed out each Friday via social media, text messaging system, and the district app as well as posted on the district website.  


Dr. Sherry McMasters 

CRSD Superintendent