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CRSD Student Chromebooks Policy and Consent



Education at any level must prepare students to become successful contributing members of society.  Students and teachers must be prepared to adapt and change both teaching and learning styles in order to stay abreast with the constantly changing role of technology in education.  Technology has changed and is changing the fabric of today's society.  Today's worker must be able to access information, manipulate data, and creatively express ideas to others. We believe that the use of technology will enhance the learning experience of each child.  Using technology is a basic skill that will help students become lifelong learners capable of critical thinking and problem solving.

Life­long learners will have access to a technology rich environment which will allow them to develop their maximum potential for leading productive and fulfilling lives in a complex and changing society.

Cedar Ridge School District is committed to moving students forward in a 21st century learning environment.  Beginning in the 2017­-2018 school year, 9th -12th students will be issued an individual Chromebook to be used at school and home. In order to receive a Chromebook students and parents must abide by the guidelines and accept the terms of use.


Can I take the Chromebook home?

Yes, as long as you and your parent/guardian accept the terms of use and are in grades 9th - ­12th.  Remember though, the Chromebook is school property.  Just because you are at home you still need to follow the school’s Acceptable Use Policy and the rules in your handbook when using your Chromebook.

Am I allowed to install apps?

Yes, you can install apps as long as they are school appropriate and are downloaded from the official Chrome App Store.

I don’t have wireless internet at home, how am I supposed to do homework?

You will need to make sure that you download anything you need at school before going home and upload any assignments when you show back up to school.  The chromebooks are configured to download your work offline as long as you access it at least once while connected to the internet. Also, there are many places in the community that offer free wireless internet access.

Can I print from my Chromebook?

It was decided that in an effort to promote a paperless classroom that a printer will not be installed on the student chromebooks.  If an assignment or document is important enough to be printed, the student can share the document with their teacher and the teacher can print it for them.

How does the deposit work?

The school is requiring a deposit for student Chromebooks at a cost of $50 per year.  The deposit is good for covering one repair. This should be paid when picking up the chromebook or at the time specified by the principal.

What happens if I break or lose my Chromebook?

The first incident is covered by the deposit fee that you have already paid.  The other repair or replacements will be the full cost of repairs.  The total replacement cost of your Chromebook is $250 if the device is irreparable or lost/stolen.  The Technology team are the only authorized people to repair your device.  If you attempt to repair the chromebook yourself or if you take it another company to be repaired, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the device.

Repair/Replacement Cost:

Broken Screen Replacement - $70
Charger Replacement - $15
Laptop/Chromebook Bag Replacement - $15
Keyboard Replacement - $85


Why do I need insurance on my Chromebook?

This will insure you that if a screen is broken or a keyboard replacement is needed then the school will cover a one time replacement cost for either one, but not both. Insurance will be provided once a year; if the student does not use their insurance for the past year then it will roll over for the next year.

My Chromebook isn’t working, what do I do?

Tell a teacher or take your Chromebook to the Media Specialist in your building.  Your Chromebook will be looked at, and if necessary a loaner Chromebook will be given to you while yours is being repaired.


If I save notes and other data to my Chromebook and you take them up at the end of school, how do I get them back next year?

Using Google Drive will allow your data to be saved on the cloud and not on the device.  This gives you access on any computer on the internet to any documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. stored there.  If you are unsure about whether your data is safe for next year, ask a teacher or someone from the Technology Department for help.

Chromebook  User Agreement​              

1. Receiving and returning your Chromebook                                       
1.1 Receiving Your Chromebook

Chromebooks will be distributed at the beginning of each school year. Parents and students must sign and return the Chromebook Loan Agreement in order to take the Chromebook home.  The Chromebook and its accessories (charger, case, etc) are, and at all time remains, the property of Cedar Ridge School District, and are loaned to the student for educational purposes only for the academic school year.                                

1.2 Returning Your Chromebook

Chromebooks will be returned during final week of school. Seniors will turn in the Chromebook at the end of the school year as part of the normal graduation activities. If a student graduates early, withdraws, or is expelled from Cedar Ridge School District prior to the end of the school year, the Chromebook will be returned at that time.

1.3 Failure to Return the Chromebook

Individual Chromebooks and accessories must be returned at the end of each school year. If a student fails to return the Chromebook and accessories at the end of the school year or upon termination of enrollment at Cedar Ridge, the student will be responsible for the replacement cost of the Chromebook and may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability. Failure to return the Chromebook will result in a theft report being filed with the Independence County Sheriff’s Office.                                         

***Furthermore, the student will be responsible for any damage to the Chromebook and/or its accessories.


1.4 Right of Inspection

The student will make the Chromebook and/or its accessories available to Cedar Ridge School’s faculty as necessary for purposes of inspection, maintenance, repair, upgrading, and/or software installation.      


2. Care of your Chromebook

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook they have been issued by the school. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly should be taken to the Technology Department for an evaluation of the equipment.

2.1 General Precautions

The Chromebook is Cedar Ridge School District’s property and all users will follow these policies and the Acceptable Use Policy for technology.

●     Only use a clean, soft cloth to clean the screen, no cleansers of any type.

●     Cords and cables must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook to prevent damage.  

●     Chromebooks must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels that are not the property of Cedar Ridge School District.        

●     Chromebooks must never be left in an unlocked locker, car or any unsupervised area.

●     Students are responsible for keeping their Chromebook battery charged for school each day.  

2.2 Carrying Chromebooks

The chromebook lid should be closed when carried.  Chromebooks are to be transported in a case by itself.  Do not store your Chromebook inside of a bag with other books or materials.

2.3 Screen Care                                                                 

The Chromebook  screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen.

●     Never close a Chromebook if there is a pen, pencil, or anything else on the keyboard.  Remove these items before shutting the device.

●     Do not play with the hinges on the Chromebook.

●     Do not lean on the top of the Chromebook  when it is closed.

●     Do not place anything near the Chromebook that could put pressure on the device.

●     Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti­static cloth.

●     Do not “bump” the Chromebook against lockers, walls, car doors, floors, etc..

3. Using your Chromebook at school

Chromebooks are intended for use at school each day. In addition to teacher expectations for Chromebook use, school messages, announcements, calendars and schedules may be accessed using the Chromebook. Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebook to all classes, unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

3.1 Chromebooks Left at Home                                                                                                              

If students leave their Chromebook at home, they are responsible for getting the course work completed as if they had their Chromebook present. If a student repeatedly leaves their Chromebook at home, they may be subject to disciplinary consequences.

3.2 Chromebook Undergoing Repair

Loaner Chromebooks may be issued as available to students when they leave their Chromebooks for repair in the Technology Department. There may be a delay in getting a Chromebook should the school not have enough to loan.    

3.3 Charging Your Chromebook's Battery

Chromebooks must be brought to school each day in a fully charged condition. Students need to charge their Chromebooks each evening. Repeat violations of this policy may result in the imposition of disciplinary consequences.

3.4 Screensavers/Background Photos                                                               

●     Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo.

●     Presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs will result in disciplinary actions.

3.5 Internet Access                                                                                   

Free wireless access will be provided by Cedar Ridge School District. The District is not responsible for personal charges for accessing other wireless connections or other data charges.

4. Software on Chromebooks

You may install apps for personal use only from the Chrome App Store as long as they abide by the school’s Acceptable Use Policy and handbook.

5. Acceptable use

It is important that you read the District's Acceptable Use Policies and ask questions if you need help in understanding them. It will be your responsibility to follow the rules for appropriate use. Inappropriate system use will result in the loss of the privilege of using this educational tool.

Please note that the Internet is a network of many types of communication and information networks. It is possible that you may run across some material you might find objectionable.  While Cedar Ridge School District will use filtering technology to restrict access to such material, it is not possible to absolutely prevent such access. It will be your responsibility to follow the rules for appropriate use.  

***Violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension/ expulsion for students. When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.                                       

5.1 Responsible Chromebook Care

Students will be held responsible for maintaining their individual Chromebooks and keeping them in good working order.

●     Chromebook batteries must be charged and ready for school each day.

●     Only labels or stickers approved by Cedar Ridge School District may be applied to the computer.

●     Chromebooks that malfunction or are damaged must be reported to the Technology Department. The school district will be responsible for repairing Chromebooks that malfunction.

●     Students are responsible for any and all damage to Chromebooks.

●     Chromebooks that are stolen must be reported immediately to the Office and the Police Department.

6. Protecting and storing your Chromebook   

6.1 Chromebook Identification

Student Chromebooks will be labeled and inventoried by Cedar Ridge School District in order to identify and track each device.

Chromebooks can be identified by a serial number. Students are prohibited from altering these identifying marks.

6.2 Chromebooks Left in Unsupervised Areas

Under no circumstances should Chromebooks be left in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised areas include, but are not limited to, the school grounds and campus, the lunchroom, computer lab, locker rooms, library, unlocked classrooms, dressing rooms and hallways.  Any Chromebook left in these areas is in danger of being stolen. If a Chromebook is found in an unsupervised area, it will be taken to the office, and the responsible student may be subject to disciplinary consequences.

7. Repairing or replacing your Chromebook

Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for all damages incurred to the Chromebook.  In the case of damage to the Chromebook and/or accessories, students/guardians will assessed the actual cost of repair or replacement, whichever is less. Repairs to the Chromebook can only be performed by the Technology Department at Cedar Ridge School District.                                           

7.1 Loss/Theft/Other Criminal Acts

In cases of theft, vandalism and other criminal acts, a police or fire report MUST be filed by the student or parent. A copy of the police/fire report must be provided to the Principal’s office before replacement Chromebook will be issued to the student.

8. Repairs

Any technical or mechanical issues with a Cedar Ridge School District’s­ owned Chromebook  must be reported to the school and will be repaired by the Technology Department.  Repairs can only be made by the Technology Department at Cedar Ridge School District.




Student's name:____________________________________  Grade:______________


******USER AGREEMENT******


We (student and parent/guardian) have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Chromebook User Agreement and policies as written by the Cedar Ridge School District.



_________________________________________________ ________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE                                                                          DATE



__________________________________________________   _______________

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                                      DATE





___________  I am including payment for Chromebook insurance at a cost of $25.00 per year.


____________ I am opting out of the insurance and will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs.


_________________________________________________ __________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                                      DATE